4 Factors For Telesales Companies To Know Whether A Customer Is Motivated Enough

It is very important for top telesales companies like The Global Associates to determine whether a prospect is motivated enough to do anything about their problem before they invest time and resources to take the lead forward. Telesales companies could have several rounds of seemingly fruitful conversation with them, but the sales process won’t move forward if they lack motivation to set things right. The lead is likely to go nowhere in such a scenario.

Telesales Companies

It’s normal for telesales companies to put in a lot of effort on the prospects who talk nicely and show interest in their products/ services, but some of these customers may live with their pain for years and do nothing about it. Before making this lead a priority, make sure that the customer is motivated enough to alleviate their pain. Break down the factors of motivation and judge how your customer fares on them to have a good idea of their level of motivation.

These factors are as follows.

  • Internal support: Do they have the internal support of the organization to go ahead with the plan to do something about their issues?
  • Availability of funds: Do they have funds available to implement the plan?
  • Required expertise: Do they have the expertise to adopt the solution?
  • Courage to try out innovative things: Do they possess the courage and experience to experiment with something revolutionary?

How to judge the level of their motivation:

Try encouraging the customer to come forward with you in the sales process; their hesitation is a clear sign they simply don’t have the required motivation to solve their issues. You are unlikely to get this deal in a hurry, it’s better to focus on more promising leads. Have an effective follow-up program of course to keep these customers in the loop as they might turn into customers sometime in future.

Telesales companies should judge the motivation levels of their customers before devoting too much time and resources. There is no point in persisting for too long with an unmotivated customer, one should move on and focus their time on more promising leads for better sales results.

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