3 Ways Telesales Companies Can Turn Cold Calling In To A Potent Tool

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3 Ways Telesales Companies Can Turn Cold Calling In To A Potent Tool

Telesales Companies, like The Global Associates, have many new and effective marketing tools available today for approaching the customers. Experts often opine that several age-old tools like cold calling have lost their relevance in this age of online marketing techniques and telesales companies must re-invent their strategies and methods to remain effective. These people fail to realize, however, that cold calling has its own advantages as it adds a personal touch to the entire process. One must agree though that there is a need to find ways to make it more effective and result-oriented.

Still a potent tool:

Cold calling has always been one of the most potent tools for telesales companies in approaching their customers. There are obstacles like call screeners of course, but they can be dealt with if one is determined and effective enough. Following are three ways to make this tool more effective and result-oriented.

  • Need to make your calls warmer:

It’s the part of the job of telesales companies to dial complete strangers hoping to convince them to buy from them. Accomplishing this objective won’t be easy without making them feel comfortable and friendly. You must train your sales reps to sound warm and natural in order to begin on a positive note. Over-aggressive approach doesn’t work any longer with today’s customer.

  • Respect their time:

Today’s decision maker is extremely busy; you must respect their time and privacy. It’s essential to keep your initial call short and to the point if you want to be heard by them to the end. There’s no point giving a detailed introduction; just mention your name and company’s name,and your objective to begin with.

  • Do your homework before calling:

Desist from the habit of calling unprepared. Do a thorough research about their needs and main issues before you make a call. Change your approach, present yourself as a problem solver and not as a greedy sales person. Convince them you have a solution to their problem, you will get the opportunity to sell your product later.

Telesales companies have a tough job to do; the ever-intensifying global competition has made their job even more challenging today.A time-tested tool like cold calling can still be useful if made more effective and result-oriented by taking care of the above aspects.