3 Great Ways For Lead Generation Services For Getting Past Call Screeners

3 Great Ways For Lead Generation Services For Getting Past Call Screeners
3 Great Ways For Lead Generation Services For Getting Past Call Screeners

The Global Associates Lead Generation Services perform the difficult job of approaching mostly unknown prospects and convincing them about buying from them, a job made even more challenging by a fast-changing business environment where the decision makers have a premium on their time. These top executives are so wary of unsolicited calls or visitors interrupting them during the work hours that they build layers of call screeners around themselves; presenting a real challenge for lead generation services. Your challenge here is thus to tackle with these gatekeepers and approach their bosses without wasting too much time. A promising lead will be nipped in the bud if you fail to effectively get past this layer of call screeners.

As mentioned, decision makers today are extremely busy having a thousand fires of their own to put out each day. Every single minute is important for them, naturally they develop an aversion to unwanted visitors or phone calls. They put up several layers of gatekeepers to protect their valuable time by preventing an unsolicited salesperson from reaching them.

Lead generation services must devise effective ways to slip past these call screeners to approach the top executives quickly and easily to make their working more efficient. Following are some useful tips to achieve this important objective.

  • Possess the right information before you make a call:

It’s essential to have the right information about the person/ organization before you make a call. Call screeners are experienced people, you will be weeded out in no time if you try calling randomly without the exact names and designations of the decision makers. You stand little chance without the specific information, they are placed there only for this purpose.

  • Honesty is the best policy:

It’s never a good idea to try and bluff your way through. Call screeners are smart people, they can smell a rat pretty quickly; you stand to lose your credibility if caught. If you honestly your purpose and services you offer, they may see your point and let you through to the decision maker.

  • Use effective referrals:

It’s always good to call with an effective referral. The gatekeepers will value a good connection of their bosses and your entry into the chamber could be pretty smooth. The referral should be genuine and well known to the top executive you are trying to get in touch with.

Lead generation services perform a most unenviable job, the presence of call screeners can make their task even more difficult. It’s essential for you to learn the art of dealing effectively with the call screeners in order to run a successful lead generation program. Possessing the specific information about the executive, being honest with the call screeners, and using good referrals wherever possible will make your job easier and working more effective.