3 Ways Of Reaching The Decision Makers: B2B Demand Generation

It is an absolute necessity to have direct conversations with the important decision makers in order to boost The Global Associates B2B Demand Generation and help your clients grow their business. The world economy is still shaky due to a number of reasons; maximizing B2B demand generation is nothing short of climbing Mount Everest without oxygen in the present day business scenario. The key to a sales organization’s success lies in reaching the top brass of any organization, the group of real decision makers; yet these people are usually not easily accessible. They keep several layers of gatekeepers and call screeners that prevent the sales persons from reaching them.

B2B Demand Generation
3 Ways Of Reaching The Decision Makers B2B Demand Generation

What do these gatekeepers do?

Unlike yesteryears, the decision makers today have a premium on their time; they value each and every second as a precious commodity. They develop an aversion to the unsolicited calls or visits from the sales persons whom they consider as unwanted intruders into their private space. These important executives appoint several call screeners and gatekeepers depending on their seniority and importance. These people have the responsibility of saving the time of their superiors by blocking the attempts of any unsolicited sales persons from reaching them.

Ways of having a direct contact with the decision makers:

As mentioned above, boosting B2B demand generation is not possible without being in direct touch with important decision makers. Here are some effective ways of avoiding the call screeners and reaching out to the all important people.

  • Make use of social media:

Social media has steadily become a platform where you can find virtually every decision maker of your choice. You must develop a strong business network on these platforms and keep in touch with the people you might find useful in future. In addition, approach them through people who know them well. Knowing employees of the same organization is always useful as you can make your way up with their assistance. Direct contact saves a lot of time; one should make it a priority.

  • Take call screeners into confidence:

Approaching the decision makers directly is not possible always; you often have to go through the barrier shields. It’s best to be specific and honest with the call screeners. Knowing the exact names and designations of the decision makers by doing your homework is always helpful. This makes your call more authentic and gives you a better chance to get to the decision maker. Giving specific information about what you intend to sell or say to the person in charge also makes the call screeners trust you more

  • Bluffing your way through:

Another way of reaching the decision makers soon and creating B2B demand generation is to bluff your way through the gatekeepers. This is usually not very advisable as these call screeners are experienced people and can catch you lying easily. This would end any chance of your getting to the desired executive, however, if you are successful, you can save a lot time and effort. Use this way only when there is no way out.