3 Things Telesales Companies Should Do Well To Take The Sales Process Forward

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3 Things Telesales Companies Should Do Well To Take The Sales Process Forward

The modern-day business scenario presents numerous challenges for The Global Associates Telesales Companies that they must overcome if they hope to succeed in their endeavor to grow their businesses. Perhaps the greatest of these challenges for telesales companies is to have a meaningful, productive initial conversation with the prospect in order to take the sales process forward beyond this first stage. Surprisingly, most sales persons are ill prepared while calling a prospect despite knowing the value of the first few seconds of a cold call. This costs them dearly and they lose out on a golden opportunity, a lucrative deal within these initial moments.

The first few seconds of a cold call decide whether you are going to have a fruitful, long-lasting business relationship with the prospect or whether they shut you off right then and there. If you do a few things well, they will listen to you to the end and agree to have more sessions with you for a better understanding; it’s important to devise your strategies accordingly. Following is a brief discussion on these important things that help you convince them about trying out your products more easily.

  • Make it short and crisp

It’s very important for telesales companies to understand that the customer today has premium on his time, they are extremely busy. They just don’t have time to listen to long introductions or lengthy tales. They don’t have time or patience for a long call, you must make it short, crisp and precise in order to be heard by the prospect with any interest.

  • Evoke their interest

Evoking the interest of the customer right in the beginning and keeping them interested throughout the call is important, provide substance to your content to accomplish the same. Have something worthwhile to make them listen to you for long enough. Your script should include something for their industry, their specific needs to encourage them to come forward; you can achieve only by doing a thorough research at your end.

  • Judge their motivation

Customers may have some specific need, something that telesales companies are offering, yet they won’t do anything about it if they lack the motivation to acquire the thing right now. It’s imperative to try and find out their level of motivation to do anything about solving their issues. If they don’t, then you would only be wasting your time and energy. It would be advisable to move on and focus on a more motivated customer.