3 Reasons Prospects May Not Respond Well : B2B Appointment Setting Services

B2B Appointment Setting Services
3 Reasons Prospects May Not Respond Well : B2B Appointment Setting Services

The constant endeavor of The Global Associates  B2B Appointment Setting Services is to get their clients on the same table with the desired decision makers. Convincing the top executives to spare time to meet with their clients is never an easy job, B2B appointment setting services often complain about the lack of responsiveness from the other side. It can be quite frustrating, but one has to find ways to achieve their objective.

A long process

B2B appointment setting services spend a considerable amount of time working through their contacts to finally get in touch with the desired decision makers, a lot depends on the respond they get from those people. Your whole effort goes down the drain if suddenly the prospect just blanks you out, you have no clue what went wrong. Most salespersons give a knee-jerk reaction in this scenario, but is that really required?

Sales people often fail to appreciate the point of view of the decision makers. There could be a thousand reasons why your executive did not or could not respond favorably to your appointment request. Let us examine some of the possible reasons for the same.

  • Lack of time on their part

The decision makers are extremely busy today having their own priorities, their own fires to put out. Give them benefit of doubt, perhaps they just couldn’t find time to consider your request or get back to you. Your lead might still be alive; try again for the appointment.

  • Lack of clarity on your part

If you are not able to make it clear what you are offering, the decision maker might not see any point in meeting with you. It’s best to send your product/ services literature or give a brief summary of your offerings on phone to clarify things.

  • Wrong choice of mode of communication

Choosing a mode of communication that is favored by the decision maker is vital. If they don’t like going through written communication, your emails would be a wasted effort. It’s important to find out what they prefer- emails, phone calls, video conferencing or and so on; and you may taste success sooner than expected.