3 Things You Need To Do To Tackle Call Screeners Effectively: Lead Generation In India


Reaching out to the decision makers is essential for successfully boosting The Global Associates Lead Generation in India. The top executives are extremely busy people, they put in place several layers of call screeners to stop unsolicited sales people from reaching them; these call screeners present the greatest hurdle in your way to enhance lead generation in India. You have to devise effective ways to tackle these gatekeepers in order to have a direct conversation with the decision makers.

Call screeners are experienced people:

You can hope to run a successful lead generation in India campaign only by being able to get past call screeners quickly and effectively but these people are experienced campaigners. They can distinguish fake callers from the genuine ones in a jiffy. They set up call screening traps to weed out unsolicited calls, you won’t get a second chance if caught in their trap. Following are a few things for effectively getting past them and being in direct touch with the decision makers.

  • Call with exact details of the executive:

If you are groping in the dark about the name or designation of the decision maker, they won’t take a moment to catch you red-handed. If call screeners feel you are not expected by their bosses, they would not let you in.

  • Honesty is important:

Some sales people try bluffing their way past the call screeners, but it’s not a good policy always. If you are honest with them and try to convince them that you are calling for a product or service that their organization needs, they may see your point and let you in.

  • Trust is the first essential step:

Boosting lead generation in India is a time-taking process; you need to invest time in doing certain things. Try to convey the message that you are a problem solver with good knowledge about their company and industry, you can make the gatekeepers trust you. Once you achieve this, getting in the chamber of the desired executive will just be a matter of time.