3 Tips For Creative Management Of Relationships For Effective Sales Lead Generation In India


One needs to adopt latest technologies and devise novel methods today to stay ahead of competition and maximize The Global Associates Sales Lead Generation In India as the business scenario has changed completely over the past few years. The decision makers now have a premium on their times with countless fires of their own to put out each day; making the task of boosting sales lead generation in India a very challenging job. Cold calling, always a potent tool for sales reps, can still achieve a lot but you need to replace the old techniques with fresh ideas and strategies that suit the new-age business environment.

A new approach:

Earlier, a machine gun approach worked perfectly well for maximizing sales lead generation in India; however, times have changed and traditional cold calling techniques need a significant make over. There is a need to manage your business relationships in a more efficient, a more creative manner. The face of lead generation business must be changed using new ideas and latest technologies; and adopting a new approach is equally important- a rifle approach that helps you target every customer based on their specific needs and issues. Following are some useful tips to make your approach more client friendly and your effort more result-oriented and productive.

  • Begin at lower rung in the hierarchy ladder:

The top level decision makers are extremely busy today, they have their own priorities with so many appointments and engagements each day. They detest any interruptions by unsolicited sales reps; they put up several layers of barriers around themselves in the form of call screeners to keep out these unwanted reps. Trying to approach them is often quite time taking and frustrating, the best strategy is to start from the lower rung executives in an organization and convince them about the suitability of your products/ services first. This way you can be known to the top bosses before you actually approach them, saving you both time and effort.

Creative management of relationships goes a long way in ensuring an effective sales lead generation in India effort. This discussion shall be continued in our next post as well.