Lead Generation In India Through Value Added Services

B2B Lead generation In India has become a tough nut to crack in this era of intensifying competition and shoe-string budgets; one need to go beyond age-old tactics to be successful. The post stresses on providing value added services for attracting quality leads.

The Global Associates Lead Generation in India has become far tougher than a decade earlier with continuing economic slowdown forcing the companies to work on shoe-string budgets. A lot of companies rely now on outsourcing their lead generation job to experienced vendors; however, depending on the age-old tools is not enough to boost lead generation in India, you need to offer something extra, something special in order to woo the prospects. You need to ensure, for example that your vendor is providing qualified leads and not just a mailing list with names, addresses and phone numbers.

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Simple mailing list vs. qualified lead:

Any business guru would tell you that you can easily get simple mailing lists online or buy them from any vendor without paying much. A qualified sales lead would be backed with some thorough research, useful information and deep insights about the organization to help you plan your strategy accordingly. Unless you have leads like this, you are only throwing away your money on some useless lists not worth a dime.

Qualifying leads:

If a company provides sales leads with minimal information without any proper research about the prospect’s company or industry; forget about enhancing lead generation in India working with such leads. One need to be aware of a prospect’s specific needs and pain points in order to judge their level of motivation level and it becomes impossible to prioritize such leads. The right way of qualifying a sales lead is to do a thorough research about their organization’s needs and problems before even approaching them. You should try to contact the decision makers only after getting familiar with their background properly and try to ascertain their motivation level to buy from you. If their level of motivation is high enough; approach them for appointment setting which paves way for presenting your solution. A contact list is nothing more than a cheap mailing list without these insights and client specific information.
Remember, you need qualified leads with all the required information to be able to boost lead generation in India.