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B2B Lead Generation Companies: Why isn’t Your prospect responding?

In every B2B Lead Generation Company it can get very frustrating when your prospect doesn’t respond to your email communication, it seems all your hard work would yield nothing. The post suggests that isn’t always the case and there are ways to move forward and clinch the deal.

It can get very frustrating for B2B lead generation companies when a prospect suddenly stops responding just as it seems that everything is going in the right direction. You had very fruitful initial telephonic conversations, followed it up with emails and are in the process of finalizing your proposal; trouble is that the prospect has gone silent all of a sudden. B2B lead generation companies invest a lot of time, energy and man-hours in pursuing a customer and losing them at a crucial juncture really hurts.

B2B Lead Generation Companies:
B2B Lead Generation Companies

It’s quite normal to blame your own process when you seem to lose a prospect who looked so motivated and ready to buy your solution, but is that really the case? Why did the customer stop responding to your emails when they needed your solution so badly? Most of the times the reasons are beyond your control. Perhaps they found a cheaper solution, perhaps they are waiting for the next financial year to get fresh finances, perhaps a competitor gave them a better deal, or perhaps you followed up a little too aggressively. It’s important to find out the reason because perhaps the lead is still very much alive.

  • Lack of time:

You must understand that decision makers are being bombarded in this modern cyber era with phone calls and electronic communications from all directions. They often just don’t have the time to weed through the maze of hundreds of emails. They are getting business proposals from so many B2B lead generation companies but they have their own priorities and fail to find time to respond to each and every communication they receive. So if they have gone silent, perhaps there is nothing personal about it, they just don’t have time!

  • Preferred mode of communication:

Many top executives don’t feel comfortable communicating through emails while finalizing important deals. They prefer face to face meetings or communicating through phone calls. Computers are just too impersonal for them. So don’t assume that their silence means the end of the road, go ahead and ask them their favored means of communication.

Losing a promising lead half way through is always tough for B2B lead generation companies. However, silence on a prospect’s part may not mean that the lead is dead, you must ascertain the real reasons behind this silence.